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Let`s create the ecosystem for the international film industry!


Let`s create the ecosystem for the international film industry!
You get dividends from all projects on Weplay platform
Weplay provides producers with convenient tools for finding investments, film producing and distributing of IP rights.
You own the most accurate information of film process all over the world
The analytics of the world film market is in your hands.
Along with Weplay you give access to investments for young talents from all over the world
Weplay will simplify the dialogue between the filmmakers and future viewers. Everyone will be able to support their beloved creator!
Weplay's goal is to give users a simple and reliable way to invest in movie production. In order to do this, the system provides decentralized support for all stages of the film life - from fundraising to licensing and profit making. The system is designed to provide the film and all those involved in its creation with transparent and reliable financing, as well as open access to investment in films for a wide range of people.
Who will use Weplay?
You will not be able to live without Weplay soon!

Film companies and post-production studios
Industry experts
Directors, screenwriters, actors, VFX artists and others, as well as organizations providing the filming process and the promotion of the film
Content providers
Rights Aggregators and Online Services
Public and private, supporting the creation and rental of films
Private investors
Any user of the Weplay platform
Movie fans
Spectators and film critics
How will Weplay unite the global film industry?
Do you want to trust your partners and contractors?
Social business network for the film industry
International networking and new business opportunities
Buying rights to movies from home
Remote purchase / sale of rights for film exploitation in any territories
Hiring contractors from around the world
The service allows you to quickly post vacancies and find artists with the highest reputation
Single currency for all participants
The stable Weplay platform token protects the participants of the transaction from the volatility of crypto and fiat currencies on international projects
Extra fraud protection

Enhanced cryptography, smart contracts and WEB 3.0 technology will protect users from the most common methods of fraud
Creation of online events, tracking projects
Holding Festivals and participating in pitchings to promote your projects
Why will it be profitable to invest in a movie on Weplay platform?
Secure investment
The use of strong cryptography for financial transactions.
Replacing a paper contract with a smart contract.
2-click investment
Becoming an investor is now easier than buying a T-shirt on AliExpress!
Operations transparency
Community-selected experts monitor the actions of producers on projects. Be sure to go through KYC to work with large amounts and significant actions on the platform.
From $1
Anyone can become an investor on Weplay platform, even having a small capital.
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What does Weplay make money from?
And what will you earn as a co-owner of the platform?

Commissions on investments in the movie
Commission for starting the fundraising process, commission on project profit
Commissions on Weplay actions
Commission for withdrawing money from the platform, for activating disputes
Advertising on Weplay
Advertising on the Weplay portal
Professionals of the film industry and specialists in their field spend their time and energy every day on creating the best service for investing in making films and managing a project from idea to distribution
Dmitry Shekhavtsov
Founder, CEO
20 years in post-production studios: "Teko-films", "Bazelevs", "CG Factory", "Marins Group Union" film company.
15 films in portfolio, e.g,: "Wanted" 2008, "Ironiya sudby. Prodolzhenie" 2007, "Stilyagi" 2008, last is "Prishelets", 2018.
Software development in "Bazelevs" studio.
Owner of the film company "Likefilm" with 4 films in development:
"Jeepers", "Madman", "Nemo: begins" and etc.
Anton Gorchakov
Founder, CLO
PhD in law. Experienced IP Lawyer. Ex-head of legal of a branch of Russia's largest broadcasting company, head of legal of a major production company.
Worked with a number of multinational major film and television companies such as Discovery Communications, Netflix, the Walt Disney Company, Canal +, etc.
Full legal support of 100+ TV and cinema projects, including «Kandahar» (2010), «The Spy» (2012), «Raspoutine» (2013),
The Last Warrior (2017).
Lecturer in Moscow Film School.
Nikolay Bakoulin
UI/UX Designer
Has been involved in design for 11 years, directly involved in packaging and branding for 5 years, more than 100 large-scale projects, and has clients from 14 countries.
Outsourced Teams
Mixbytes is a team of blockchain developers, auditors and analysts keen on decentralized systems.
They build open-source solutions, smart contracts and blockchain protocols, perform security audits, work on benchmarking and software testing solutions, consult universities and enterprises, provide tech assistance and R&D.

Development of Weplay logic & architecture
Weplay platform logic development.
Hypothesis testing with specialists of film industry and in related matters.
Making-up of Weplay architecture technical description.
Making-up of budget of MVP Weplay development.
Prototyping of Weplay
Development of blockchain segment:
4 modules, 10+ Smart contracts.
Development of dApps Weplay:
Core component: dapp-ipfs-contract-portal-dapp.
Core component: quorums engine.
Development of platform (back-end):
Search and main pages of sections: films, users, financing, filmmaking, expertise, film accounting, administrating.
Testing of Weplay blockchain segment
Smart contracts audit. Review of dApps UI/UX design based on users actual activities.
Testing of Weplay platform performance/functioning
Testing of connections between Platform, dApps and Smart contracts.
Platform filling with content.
Weplay PR on chosen territories (Europe, India, South America).
Moving to Mainnet
Additional audit of ecosystem functioning.
Transfer of Weplay tokens to Mainnet Ethereum.
Legal clearance of system functional on chosen territories.
Adding functional in dApps and Weplay platform
Analyzing mechanism of creating online events (festivals, pitchings and film markets). Online-cinemas accessing to Weplay.
Adding functional and Weplay promotion
Adding assurance functional.
Weplay ecosystem audit.
Expansion into new territories (USA, China, Japan).
Adding micro-financing functional
Adding micro financing functional.
Weplay PR on new territories.
Additional audit of ecosystem functioning.
Weplay capturing of new markets
Development of integration with allied segments of entertainment industry (music industry, VR/AR etc.). Dealing with new trends and product consumer markets (as pilots – with the wind).
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