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We help producers and directors from all over the world to present their films and attract investment for their creation

The Weplay Ecosystem is an aggregation of decentralized and transparent p2p services for attracting investments in film and video content creation, based on blockchain technology. Weplay allows users to create their own professional profile, present their companies and projects in a favorable light, maintain their news feed in a built-in social network and make secure transactions with counterparties from any country in the world. The functionality of the Weplay platform will be expanded with services for the full cycle from creating and raising investments to selling the rights to content within the Weplay platform. And viewers will be able to simultaneously watch movies and share comments with other users who are also watching that content.

With no pre-moderation and free use of the space provided on the Weplay platform, the cost of delivering information to peers and partners is reduced, and viewer engagement and profits are increased. By spending less on the infrastructure of presenting their projects and companies and more on engaging their users, Weplay-enabled companies and projects can expand their user base and gain greater market share.

Our goal is to revitalize the international film industry and regain investor confidence, helping young professionals and talents realize their ideas and professional interests in the most exciting entertainment industry for the advancement of human civilization.

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